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Ice Cream Specials

January “Buy One Get One” Pint or Quart
February Hot Fudge Sundaes $4.25
March Soft Serve $2.00
April Waffle Cones $4.00
May Soft Serve $2.00
June Root Beer Floats $4.00
July Waffle Cones $4.00
August Soft Serve $2.00
September Hot Fudge Sundaes $4.25
October Soft Serve $2.00
November “Buy One Get One” Pint or Quart
December Waffle Cones $4.00

More Rewards

Ask your server for a customer survey that may have a coupon for a free small cone. Get the SpotOn app for your phone and get points for free ice cream every time you check in.

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